DevOps Services

Achieve greater agility and faster time-to-market by eliminating bottlenecks in software development


Automating Your Business Processes With Collaborative Cloud Action Powered By DevOps

At SevenX, we have helped businesses to build a DevOps model that resonates with their cloud entity. We have been building cloud engineering and deployment processes for our clients by automating a continuous delivery pipeline that seamlessly channels cloud services frameworks towards their enterprise objectives.

 We provide the power to excel with the cloud transformation mission, facilitating continuous integration and development across the array of agile, cloud-powered service environments and resource facilities.


Commit to Continuous Delivery With Faster Time-to-market Throughput With SevenX DevOps Services

Assesment and Strategic Planning

Assessment and Strategic Planning

We work alongside you on your mission to build delivery systems that require the most authoritative DevOps capabilities. We build the process strategies from the ground up and enable plans to identify service gaps, integrate security mechanisms, automate delivery processes and empower resources to get improved and faster deliveries in a hyper-integrated, cloud-based process facility.

DevOps Implementation

DevOps Process Implementation

We plan and implement DevOps processes to best fit in your development and delivery action plan with accelerated automation. As we plan to implement the DevOps process for your enterprise establishment, we keep it aligned with the innate service ecosystem and process framework of your business, establishing process-level compliances to seamlessly implement DevOps into your system.

Framework Creation

Pilot Framework Creation

At SevenX, our services are structured across different process layers and sequences to offer a complete production and delivery framework mechanized by DevOps. To make sure the system best fits in the business process and there are no gaps in the workflow, a pilot framework is designed to test and validate the process and establish functional coherence in the practicing model of your business.

Managed DevOps Services

Managed DevOps Services

We help businesses commit to enhanced processes, advanced toolchains and improved operations throughout the line of action for uninterrupted hyper-delivery modeled cloud operations. A complete array of managed services offer support for scheming, designing, configuration management, server setup and troubleshooting, built on a high-performing delivery automation facility.

CI_DC Pipeline

CI/DC Pipeline

We have built CI/CD compliance systems and process formations for businesses to leverage the best DevOps practices. We apply the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes through production-line automation and workflow optimization, consistently channelizing efforts and mitigating risks across the project lifecycle.

Security Integration

Security Integration

We help business facilities and service programs become equipped with the latest security practices to comply with the DevOps ecosystem and operate on a robust ‘Security as Code’ mechanism with DevSecOps. We build enterprise test cases, network models, quality assessment systems and automation programs to ensure first-rate security in the DevOps process.