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How to Implement AI in Digital Transformation Strategies: An Enterprise Guide

Artificial Intelligence is swapping the way business operations work. The new wave of technology is seeping into the business world at every stage to change the way it works. Many companies are incorporating digital transformation services to revamp their business process, operations, and the way they handle things at the workplace. With the objective of becoming more systematic, accurate, and faster and creating new positions in the market, AI technology is integrated. However, what exactly is AI transformation, how businesses should incorporate it into the operations, etc., are all the questions that an enterprise has to answer. So, let’s check out the detailed information on the implementation of ai strategies. 

Digital and AI transformation- a brief Introduction 

Transformation is currently a buzzword across the globe in varied business niches. It simply means using more technology in your business to convert how the business operates. According to Statista, the AI global market in 2021 was $327.5 billion, which clearly displays how the business world is accelerating toward AI integration. 

Digital transformation is the process of remodeling or redesigning your business by including better technology, such as using apps, better-automated machines, etc. Combining AI with digital transformation is the new obstacle that the business world is facing. 

Why is digital transformation with AI a must for businesses? 

When we discuss the digital transformation of businesses and using AI during the process, there is a common question- why? Why it is needed, why businesses entail to approach digital transformation with AI without any mistakes. Let’s find out: 

Data collection and decision-making 

In any business, a decision can make or break the entire enterprise. So, transforming your business with digital software and AI can assist you in better data collection that drives better decision-making. The AI developers can create custom solutions for your business niche that will assist you in collecting insights on your customers. You can collect, store, and analyze customer data with CRM(Customer Relationship Management). AI can utilize the data to convert it into meaningful information so you can make informed decisions. For instance, such customer insights can help in more targeted marketing to amplify the chances of conversion. 

Amplified productivity and efficiency 

There are innumerable business operations that need automation, while there are business operations that need intelligence and automation; AI can do both. Using AI-integrated apps or AI machines can increase efficiency and productivity. When a task is assigned to humans, it’s restricted by speed and has some scope for error. AI is programmed to perform a task at a certain speed and with a certain standard. Therefore, business operations can be more efficient and productive. 

More customer experience 

The quintessential aim of all businesses is to ensure their customers are satisfied with their products and services. Online platforms have infinite opportunities and vast customer bases for businesses, but at the same time exceedingly competitive. It has bought large, medium, and small enterprises at the same place to interact with customers, thus offering endless alternatives for the end user. So, providing a high user experience becomes even more vital when there is distinctive competition. Using AI digital transformation, you can ensure a more intuitive and seamless experience for customers by using data. AI assists you in offering what customers are looking for. Thus, you can provide more user experience. 

Cost efficiency with AI 

Using AI for digital transformation in various business operations has assisted businesses in toning down their expenses. According to a McKinsey survey of the state of AI in 2021, AI has helped 33% of companies decrease their cost by 20%. The result of efficiency, productivity, and more targeted decision-making has ultimately become the grounds for reduced expenses. With customer insights and data, businesses are most likely to make decisions that will have a positive impact on business and bring results. So, you lower your chances of wastage of resources. It is one of the paramount reasons to utilize AI for the digital transformation of your business.

AI digital transformation applications 

Businesses can integrate Artificial intelligence app development solutions in different sections. Some of the AI digital transformation applications include: 

  • Employee monitoring: With more inclination toward hybrid models, businesses find it complex to monitor employee efficiency. With AI-powered analysis tools, and apps in employee training, scheduling, and monitoring, it is easy for businesses to track their productivity. More work-from-home options by companies have amplified the need for employee monitoring with digital platforms. So, using apps that help in employee monitoring can define productivity and efficiency. 
  • IT sector: AI in the IT sector or in the form of apps for various businesses can identify issues and provide automated solutions. The most popular and efficient use of AI for digital transformation is in the IT sector or app development. Many businesses get customized AI apps for their business to automate their process. According to reports, 41% of the use of these apps can reduce technical issues and 34% of the workload from employees. Using AI-based skills, machine learning, etc., can be utilized in app development. 
  • Financing and accounting: Various AI-based apps are designed to automate accounting and financing in businesses. Large-scale to small-scale businesses can use AI apps to transform finance departments in the business. According to Accenture, more than 50% of companies will automate finance departments with AI integration. 
  • Customer Service: Chatbots are one of the best examples of AI digital transformation for customer services. Today most companies use chatbots to connect with customers, resolve queries, and assist them during their time on your website. Interacting with your customers regularly and resolving their problems is important. Chatbots can assist you in resolving their issues and staying connected with customers even during non-business hours. Chatbots are installed with standard code and AI that works irrespective of time. So, you can provide customer service 24×7 through chatbots. 
  • Supply chain optimization: Recently, during a pandemic, supply chains across the globe had the most vulnerable impact on business. So, the need for a strong and streamlined supply chain became vital for businesses. For a few years, many companies have been approaching AI for supply chain optimization accelerated after the pandemic. AI-integrated demand forecasting, business planning, operations optimization, and maintenance are required for supply chain management. Optimizing logistics, inventory cost, and boosting efficiency automatically contribute to supply chain optimization. 

AI digital transformation strategies for businesses 

For the transformation of businesses using AI, you can implement a few strategies that will assist you with growth and success. Whether you are hiring digital transformation services or planning to connect, here are some strategies to implement: 

Develop a plan with a vision: The first thing that you need to understand is why and where you need digital transformation. Transforming your business entirely into AI or digital methods is not feasible. So, you need to have a clear vision and direction to find what, why, and where you need digital transformation for your business. 

Adopt a customer-centric approach: Customers are the main element of business. When planning your digital transformation, recognize how it will assist your customer and how you can offer an amplified experience to your customer utilizing AI. Irrespective of the digital transformation you want to achieve, it should have a positive impact on customers directly or indirectly. For instance, using AI for your marketing to reach the right customers and provide what they are looking for. AI can also be used for recommendations, providing personalized experiences, and more. 

Identify and face challenges: When transforming your business, your business will face some critical challenges such as: 

  • Restricted behavior by the workforce, it would be uncomfortable for them to adopt new changes and leave their comfort zone. 
  • Implementing AI as per the priority, businesses need to identify which department or section needs transformation first. 
  • Training workforce: Not all people understand technology, so the non-tech workforce will find it difficult to adopt changes. 

Businesses need to identify these challenges and find ways to overcome them when planning digital transformation. You can consult AI development services for interacting with the workforce and provide training to use AI apps or software. Development services can help you with best AI solutions. 

Security and privacy: AI digital transformation will bring a threat to the security and privacy of any business as well as individuals. So, before implementing these strategies, businesses must comprehend the vulnerabilities and recognize ways to protect data. Prioritize security at your workplace by implementing some rules and regulations. 

Consider it an investment: When enabling digital transformation in your business, consider it a long-term investment. It is a complex process that should be approached in a one-at-a-time method. Initially, it might be challenging and difficult for businesses, but later it will bring opportunities. 

Employee AI-powered talent: In the upcoming years, AI will become more and more popular. Business organizations need to be ready for the future and train their existing workforce for technology. In addition, hire new talent keeping AI in mind. Your business requires AI talent in different departments at different stages throughout the digital transformation process and beyond. So, consider hiring AI-powered talent into your enterprise. 

Start with one project: The digital transformation process is complex, way to integrate is one thing at a time. Begin with small AI-focused projects in your business, such as using small AI apps for your basic use. Later, you can switch to a more vast and diverse version once your workforce is ready to accept it. Moreover, it will help you identify mistakes and understand the transformation process on a small scale. So, you can reduce the chances of mistakes during major changes. 

AI digital transformation strategies implementation 

AI digital transformation strategies need the right implementation; an app development company can help you. Here’s how artificial intelligence app development solutions can be implemented:  

  • Consult digital transformation services: First of all, you need to find experts who can provide you with digital transformation. The experts will understand your transformation requirements and problems and find your solutions to implement. 
  • Data collection and storage: The first step involved in digital transformation strategy implementation is data collection. Plan what and how you will collect data, such as devices, logging systems, machines, etc. Set up the right and strong data collection system in your process or department you want to digitalize. After data collection, you need to plan how you will store and move data. You need pipeline architecture, transformation and load process, and IT infrastructure. Digital transformation services can provide you with this infrastructure for data collection and storage. 
  • Transform data into meaningful information: After data collection and storage, you need to transform it into meaningful information. Not all data is useful for businesses, nor is it understandable by everyone. These data sets can be used to develop AI apps that will help in process automation or other benefits. You can hire artificial intelligence app development services to use data to develop apps for business niches and operations.
  • Feedback and optimization: Try apps for your business, and check if all elements you need are there. You can take a trial for the initial stage and provide feedback, so development services companies can optimize as per your requirements. With continuous iterations and trials, you can find an app that suits your business process for digital transformation. 

AI technologies or sources to use in app development 

AI developers can use various sources in development and create apps that suit your business. Some of the development sources include as follows: 

  • IoT 
  • Machine learning 
  • Emotion recognition
  • Artificial neural network 

These sources or technologies can be used to develop AI apps for implementation in business. 


Digital transformation for businesses is not important and is accelerating across the globe. However, integrating AI into the transformation process can help businesses leverage various benefits. If you move step by step and follow an agile and customer-centric approach, businesses can smoothly transform business operations into digital systems. In addition, handling challenges carefully is important to ensure you bring positive results after digital transformation.