Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 —A New Approach to Business Applications!

Most businesses today operate in a volatile and competitive environment. To be successful, it is imperative for businesses to understand prospects and customers better than the competitors. You are expected to deliver products and services that your customers are looking for with the help of customized solutions. To top it all, you are expected to fulfill customers’ needs cost-effectively and efficiently.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a dedicated suite of highly intelligent business applications allowing organizations to achieve more through the combination of ERP and CRM capabilities. Through our comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics 365 services, we allow businesses of all sizes and scales to manage different departments seamlessly.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services For the Next-Level Business Performance

Ensure Digital Transformation of Businesses with Revolutionary Microsoft Dynamics 365 services from the experts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultation

Our experienced team offers in-depth consultation on fine-tuning your Dynamics 365 applications to maximize the positive outcomes for your business. In the hands of our specialists, Microsoft Dynamics 365 converts into an effective tool to resolve your day-to-day business challenges depending on your business environment. Following the industry-centric approach, we analyze the changes required for your platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization

SevenX offers customizable and scalable CRM solutions to support evolving business requirements and respond to the changing needs of an ever-growing sales team and expanding customer base. With an in-depth understanding of the out-of-the-box capabilities of the platform, we are committed to leveraging unique ways to deliver optimum functionality as per individual business requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

As a business owner, you should know specific functionalities that can satisfy your unique business needs. SevenX assists your business with seamless Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation within the environment supported by comprehensive user training. Based on your preferences, we ensure rapid implementation to solve business challenges.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

To attain efficiency between interaction and sales management with customers, businesses often require proper sync between the CRM and other enterprises. SevenX can help you in integrating the corporate systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365 — allowing your employees to access customer-centric data without the need to switch between different applications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration

We offer hassle-free migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business applications. As a part of our professional services, our CRM experts offer advice on minimizing work disruption at the time of migration as we plan activities and anticipate potential issues. Our team also offers in-depth training to escalate the adoption of the new CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Upgrade

Do you wish to access the latest functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365? With us, you can leverage innovative analytics along with relationship and customer insights and native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We can help you switch to the latest version of Microsoft CRM in a secure fashion with minimum performance lags and system downtime.

Our Comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

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