AWS Services

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Build Agile Cloud Pathways with Trend-leading AWS Services!

Setting up your virtual office or hosting server databases on the cloud is no more a tricky and tedious job with Amazon Web Service (AWS) computing. It has proven to be an extremely adaptable, reliable and cost-efficient cloud practice to power up and drive your business on a hyper-responsive cloud framework.

We have a strong resource base employing the most resourceful AWS engineering protocols backed by a long-drawn experience in setting up high-performing AWS solutions for Amazon Cloud Management, Cloud Architecture Development, Cost Governance, and Security Provisioning to induce the most gripping AWS action into your business process ecosystem.

Keeping You Ahead Of The Cloud Technology Curve

AWS Cloud Consulting

It all starts with expert project analysis, process mapping and plan implementation before the project is brought to the floor. You need experienced  professionals by your side to understand your needs and diagnose your purpose to best combine it with technological factors. With our consulting services, we make your AWS project achieve optimum results by doing it right from beginning to end.

AWS Migration

We build advanced provisioning systems to smoothly take your business to the AWS service environment. With our flawless service processes and topical arrangements done to serve the specific needs of your business, we offer you reliable and smooth migration from an existing system to the AWS cloud.

AWS Cloud Management

Our highly skilled team of certified AWS professionals offers precision-led program management and support services. With their long-held experience working on different solutions serving varied business situations, they have built critical focus and servicing ability to manage everything around cloud management with great assurance.

AWS Cost Optimization and Governance

We take complete strategic ownership to build a plan around optimizing the cost of developing and managing your AWS solution. Our well-laid system of program governance offers fool-proof execution support. This ensures you score optimum cost compliances and avail great benefits with your AWS solution.

AWS Cloud Architecture Design

Make your entry into the cloud resourceful and effective with a robust architectural base built for your system. We can build your program architecture perceptively created to support your data, applications and program workloads for smooth and fast functioning —  without having to face any performance gaps or service downtimes.

AWS Business Intelligence

 If you plan to build your service data pool or AI/ML algorithm to automate your production processes and customer systems, we can help you digitize your cloud-based communication and services infrastructure. You will get the most out of your cloud-driven component design and action with our AWS Business Intelligence solutions.

AWS Security Services

At SevenX, we offer complete security support for your AWS cloud solution. Gain all-around assistance from our cloud security services and process enablement team to help with smooth and safe functioning of your project — at any given instance or stage of deliberation and action.

AWS Services to Vouch For

AWS Lambda and CloudTrail

AWS Cloud Search

Serverless API and CloudWatch

AWS CloudFront and Workspaces

Cloud Database Configuration

AWS EC2 and S3 computing

AWS Relational Database Services

DynamoDB and Simple Queue Services